Why organic cotton? 

In 2017 16% of the world's insecticides and 10% pesticides went to production of conventional cotton, despite cotton only occupying approximately 5% of the world’s agriculture areas. 9kg/19.8lbs worth of chemicals are being used for every 10 kg conventionally produced cotton. 83% of the fertilizers used on the cottonfields worldwide end up in the environment. 77 million cotton farmers are exposed to pesticides every year. Organic cotton is produced without any chemicals, and is therefore a part of producing high quality sustainable apparel.

Experience organic apparel

Quality and service

At Subtle Clothing, you can buy products, which are produced with dedication and care. Our products are made from 100% organic cotton and are made of quality materials, which make our products long-lasting and resilient. The print and the shape of our clothes remain intact after many washes. Our focus is not just a good product, but also a good service which we put an immense amount of effort into.


At Subtle we aspire to be a well-known high quality brand. We do this by offering organic clothes with minimalist style. Furthermore our clothes are made from fantastic, soft and organic cotton.


We hope to become one of the largest clothing brands and to get there by solely relying on organic products. To achieve and strive for this we put our customers in focus. We listen to every customer and improve in every way that is lacking, to give the best experience for every customer.


Everything we sell and do has the purpose of making people more aware of ecology, and at the same time giving the feeling of a luxurious and minimalistic style.